Des Moines International Airport (DSM)

Address: 5800 Fleur Dr
Phone: (515) 256-5100
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Check Ins: 72853


  • Jason Sigal

    In most cases, no need to arrive more then an hour early. This place is tiny!
  • Evan[Bu]

    Welcome to Des Moines, the greatest city in the world!
  • Evan[Bu]

    Don't pronounce any of the "s'" in the word "Des Moines." They are all silent. You will sound like a total dipshit if you do. Welcome to De Moine!
  • Adam Hansen

    Come here to use airplanes.
  • Tyler Stafford

    Dont forget your son Kevin at home. He will most likely have to fend off burglars on his own
  • John Pemble

    When it goes wrong here, it it often does, don't take it out on the agents. They are doing a job. The industry sucks, not the people on the front line who may do be your neighbor.
  • Ben Milne

    Dwolla Dwolla
  • Evan[Bu]

    Bathroom toilet seats are plastic wrapped!
  • Marc Francisco

    Why are all the public address announcements spoken with a British accent?
  • Tyler Stafford

    Dont fly Oceanic flight 815!
  • Albert Wenger

    Awesome outlets at chairs. Every airport should get these!
  • Joe Folkmann

    If your flight is after 2pm, don't bother showing up any more than an hour before your flight. The security lines are comically empty.
  • Pele dos Santos

    Don't worry too much about showing up early. Just make sure to help out old Iowa ladies if they seem confused:-)
  • Josh Dreyer

    Fun Fact #56: Iowans all have English accents, just like the airport announcement system woman.
  • Crystal Orr

    During early morning flights before 7am you need to adhere to the 2 hour prior to flight rule or your going to miss your flights
  • Ricardo Rodriguez

    Crab legs make for a delicious in-flight snack, be sure to pack some in your carry-on.
  • Jason T. Hauser

    Easy in, easy out, the benefits of living in a "small" big city...
  • Adan Gonzalez

    Don't forget to push the button on the toilet to change the paper
  • M.C. Lyrical

    Don't fly on 1 hour of sleep.
  • Oliver Housman

    Contrary to belief, Iowa and Heaven are the same thing.
  • David Dimmett

    Nice USB and traditional power outlets. Plenty of place to charge.
  • Rory Flynn

    Dwolla was founded in Des Moines, fun fact
  • Jim Constant

    Arriving an hour before your flight leaves you more than enough time at this tiny airport.
  • Jim Howard

    Capitol City brewpub ftw!
  • Justin Wise

    Welcome to Des Moines! Tweet me at @JustinWise to say hello =)
  • Brian Siguenza

    On September 30, 2012, DSM will become the only airport in Iowa served by Southwest Airlines.
  • Charles Branz

    Gerardo is the man.
  • Justin Whittaker

    Go to the State Fair. I didn't. :(
  • Ross Evans ????

    As a Delta employee I would recommend arriving at least an hour and a half prior to your flights departure... Irregular operations can cause long lines and ticketing issues can occur.
  • Evan[Bu]

    Fly Southwest.
  • Evan[Bu]

    Question: Great airport or THE greatest airport?
  • Ali Moosvi

    Likewise...all you need is an hour before you depart...sometimes security lines are long but move very quickly
  • Drew McLellan

    Lots of juice (electricity) by the gates built into the seating area. Everyone can plug in!!
  • Tara C

    Security line takes, max, 5 minutes, even when busy.
  • Dan K

    The toilets have some new fangled way to keep you from catching toilet seat diseases.
  • Ross Evans ????

    Sleepy Airport no more. Airlines are adding capacity, thus longer security lines, be early to the port.
  • Michael Garner

    The airport is installing full body scanners. Security is a mess. Check in early!
  • Benjamin Shoff

    I love the 5 minute security lines!!
  • Shmee

    What everyone else said, if you have a red eye flight they dont even open the security lines until about 5am. Made that mistake once. XD
  • Psycho Mike

    Try and fly out Wednesday night, security is a breeze and the gates are a ghost town!
  • Scot Talcott

    Listen closely, the prerecorded PA announcements have a British accent.
  • David DeFino

    If u fly Allegiant remember the counter closes 30 minutes before departure.
  • Adam

    Goodbye super speedy security- with the new scanners, it can take up to 30mins to get through! Be sure to leave yourself some time, especially in the morning... :(
  • Evan[Bu]

    Be sure to make out with your loved one outside by the curb and help fulfill the typical airport stereotype.
  • Ross Evans ????

    Always check with your airline a couple days in advance to make sure your flight time has not changed. Expedia, Orbitz ect. tend to not notify their customers of these changes.
  • Nathan Wright

    If the self-serve kiosks are all full and you're in a hurry, there are a few more to the left of the luggage drop area. They're typically empty.
  • Bill Deery

    Try the free wifi...oh wait there isn't any.
  • Evan[Bu]

    To bring out the "true" douchebag in you, be sure to wear your sunglasses when you're riding down the escalator!
  • Ben Stuart

    Most unfriendly TSA ever...I do a lot of travel and here is the worst. Good thing I don't come here often.
  • Blake G

    International, you say?
  • Joey Spivey

    Enjoy your time in the place Travel magazine once called "the capital of Iowa".
  • Ben McDougal

    The only time the security screening line is long here, is the 6am flights. Even then, your wait is at most 15 minutes. Love this private-flavored airport!
  • Tony Snyder

    Des Moines airport is great! Fast & friendly.
  • Nat Krieger

    Small airport, nice people but the weather plays havoc with the schedule
  • Michele Weston

    Learned there was a mail drop box just inside by the elevators. Convenient!
  • Steve Wright

    Chair massage person is a total lifesaver.
  • Krystal ????????

    Dsm airport is a nice clean little airport. Just remember gloves scars n hats if visiting November thru may its cold here. Love dsm 1991-2007 lived here.
  • David DeFino

    People people saying bad things about Allegiant are in correct. As an employee we check in 2 hours before departure. We close the counter 30 minutes before departure. Get the facts now u do
  • Brad McClure

    For flights leaving around 6 am check to see how many other flights are around that time cuz the security line can take up to 20 min at that time.
  • Carla

    I Loved Flying Into The DSM Airport!! Be Sure To Check In EARLY For Your Flight!! GO CYCLONES!!
  • Evan[Bu]

    Always a chance that you'll have an Evan[Bu] sighting...
  • Evan[Bu]

    For those airline crew members that commute out of Des Moines, have a safe trip or welcome home!
  • Randall W.

    I help manage the parking garage. Please be considerate when you park your car. Taking up two spots or parking excessively crooked only makes everyone else's job harder.
  • Hillary Fox

    Learn how to pack. To pack more into your carry the military roll. Call your hotel a head of time and see if they have hair dryers. No need to pack your entire house when going on vacation.
  • Matt Harrington

    Is this heaven? No. It's Iowa.
  • Rick Howard

    Expect delays getting to your gate if you are departing early on a Monday morning.

    DSM has big windows that look at the gates and taxiways.
  • Freddie The Frog

    Love the shuttle service!
  • Evan[Bu]

    Be on the lookout for Hansen. That cool, hip, cosmopolitan fashionista is probably on his way to London right about now.
  • Janie Riddle

    Leaving 75 degrees with slight breeze. Can't beat the midwest for green grass and lots of trees. Just hate the humidy
  • Jennifer Ann

    If everything is going smoothly it's an easy place to fly out of. However, deviate at all and get ready to wait.
  • Maggie Jones

    Free wifi is now available...along with British speaking announcers
  • Brian Taylor

    East coast flights! Direct DCA usually for cheap!
  • Rob Markut

    Line feels faster with no underwear
  • Kensie Smith

    Download the American Airlines app for an easy boarding pass and check-in experience.
  • Evan[Bu]

    Do it for the Dunkin' Donuts Express!
  • Daryl Kulak

    This airport is small, clean and nicely organized. A pleasure!
  • Steve Cate

    Enjoy the smiles
  • Steve Wright

    Beware of Randy, a 7 foot wendigo that lives in the walls.
  • Catch Des Moines

    Welcome to Des Moines! Visit our airport volunteers at the welcome booth for visitor information and a friendly hello!
  • David DeFino

    If Allegiant looses your bag go to counter and we fill a lost baggage form out and we find your bag.....
  • Jesse Veenstra

    Give yourself some extra time on the early am flights
  • Justin Wise

    Welcome to Des Moines! The home of Drake University, the State Capitol, and insurance companies as far as the eye can see!
  • Scott Ennen

    Curbside check in is the only way to go!!!!! No lines
  • Ben J. DITZEL

    Compared to our airport, LAX, this is a small midwest airport, but it is special to me since I lived in DSM 2006-2009.
  • Robert Collins

    Don't stay up too late drinking before a 6AM flight. Mr. Statingtheibvious
  • LC

    Yay my boyfriend is coming home!!!
  • Shari

    TSA is very nice and helpful - security here is quick and efficient.
  • David R

    Gotta smell the lilacs that are located south west of the southern parking ramo
  • Alona Turner

    I wish airlines would notify passengers of cancellations. It's impossible to get out of here in bad weather.
  • Mike Postma

    The lines are short 90% of the time. The remodeled concourse is nice with powerplugs everywhere.
  • Teddy Lamy

    If you are renting a car! Hertz is great! They are amazing!
  • Tuee Chanthavong

    I wish it wasn't so expensive to fly into DSM. This is smaller than a shopping mall.
  • Eric Rowles

    LTC leaving the Midwest after 4 amazing days!
  • Stacey De Hoot

    Stormi here we come!!
  • Ryan Brenizer

    What you'd expect: manageable, calm as far as airports go (which isn't a high bar to clear).
  • Jesse Little

    TSA pre check here full blown, not the expedited ones at airports of similar size. From curb to gate in under 5 minutes
  • Dan Ford

    Happy Trails...
  • Keisha

    Off to Florida
  • Rasha Bitar

    Looks like we are stuck :(
  • Brooke Smith

    Over an hour to get my luggage - good job Des Moines
  • Paul Troupe

    Not much for good past security. Parking is decent price. Security lines usually aren't too long
  • Don Derheim

    I recommend it for diverted flights. Nice and flat.
  • Stephanie Halbert

    Food has improved greatly in the last few years. At least now they serve Dunkin Donuts and have a Pizza Hut Express.
  • Dan Berns

    Airport announcements are done in a British accent.
  • Stwo Bubbad

    This area has a lot of oversold flights. If your schedule is flexible you can pick up a lot of free credit towards future flights
  • Peng Wei

    I am at Des Moines ia. The announcer at airport has British accent.
  • Taryn Denise

    Worst airport ever! I think the TSA agents are bored as hell and like to harass people! It's happened on more than one occasion to me and usually I only see them search people of color.
  • Gay Wedding planner

    Welcome to Des Moines. Need help planning a wedding?
  • Ben Gonzalez

    British accent is used because when people hear it they naturally pay attention since it is something out of the ordinary.
  • Edgar Reyes

    There are three economy lots #1 is the cheapest and #3 is the most expensive.
  • Victor Gaxiola

    Easy in/easy out! I like my travel to be painless.
  • Jason Wagner

    Why is the PA announcement a british woman?
  • P L

    DSM finally has Pre Check. Score one for the good guys.
  • Steven Denison

    They need more departure boards. It is located to the right of Security as you exit. There are NO departure boards in the concourse.
  • Anthony

    Never underestimate the security line from 5-7 AM. Expect anywhere from :15 to 1:00. So ready for TSA Pre? (coming Dec, 13)!
  • Kristi Womack

    The Security is the best! Love small town feel.
  • Lucas Houghton

    Des Moines, Iowa. Where the beer flows like wine and women instinctively flock like the salmon of Capistrano.
  • Garrett

    They send all the stringent TSA agents here. We get through screening at DCA without a hitch. We get stopped every time here. At least they're friendly.
  • Greg Swan

    The British woman who gives the announcements at DSM is actually a Carlisle High School grad. She does a good Italian impersonation, too.
  • Tanya Tincher

    If you are flying in on Monday be prepared to wait in long car rental lines especially at Hertz. Nice people but an hour to get my RESERVED car was too long.
  • miguel v.

    The Delta counter didn't have enough personal to help passengers. . Very strange for this airport
  • Lisa Parker

    Always, Always, Always buy Business Select if flying Southwest. Priority boarding - watching every one else try to find a place for their carry on is pretty funny :)
  • Freddie The Frog

    Everyone at the airport is so friendly! Great customer service!
  • Alan Bauler

    Things move quickly here- rental car returned, bag checked and through security in about 30 minutes!
  • Jason Karr

    They have Dunkin Donuts coffee here now! It's the little improvements that count.
  • Jason Mustard

    Voodoo burger... Say no more.
  • Rebekah Mayes

    Short runway, they will slam on the breaks!
  • Daniel Tewfik

    Des Moines! While you're waiting for your flight attendant to tell you to put your mobile device away, read this infographic to explain why you have to:
  • Rhonda K

    It is too bad to call me an airport fiend! On our way back to Dallas!
  • Scott Hedderich

    No bags to check? Avoid the lines and use the self service kiosks in the baggage area There are 4. Never a wait. Then head straight to security.
  • Michele Weston

    Fast baggage service n friendly cabbies!!
  • Pea Ransome

    The automated PA announcer is a nice British lady
  • Maxim Dzero

    Security is very fast and easy. Took less than 5 min to get through
  • Oliver Housman

    There is a small cell phone waiting lot on the South side of the airport. Unfortunately, there are only about 6 spots, so don't get here too early.
  • Christi Bender

    People, don't make yourselves look like brats by complaining and assuming you know the reasons behind your problems. Unless you've worked for airline or an airport, can it.
  • Christi Bender

    I have never had a problem with Allegiance Air. They are always helpful, friendly (most of the time), and cheap! I've never had issues with any other airlines either but this is by far my favorite.
  • Claude Harrison

    Got an early morning trip & che king bags? Get here 90 minutes ahead of time bcs of the bag check backup.
  • Andrea Doubleday

    Come to the food court downstairs and say hi to me!
  • Evan[Bu]

    When it comes to saying "hello" or "goodbye" to a loved one, it's always easier when your loved one is going down the escalator versus going up.
  • Joann Brighi

    Sara with Frontier rocked it...she checked my luggage for the low price of FREE :)....the small things
  • Matt M

    Would be nice if there was a Starbucks like every other airport in the U.S.
  • Kelsey Wilson

    If you have a flight before 7am security is crazy. Get here early so you don't miss your flight!
  • Nick Harris

    Security wasn't bad, but I wasn't going through at a busy time. Seating area is nice, there are seats with plugins.
  • Telcel Oficial

    Obtén beneficios en Des Moines y otras ciudades con el Paquete Viajero Internacional Telcel. Marca *500 o visita para obtener más información.
  • Richard Blackburn

    Security is fine. 5 people in line.
  • J O

    My first time in Des Moines, IA, although not the best landing!
  • Nick C

    C4 has limited power outlets on the wall and floor.
  • Henrik Helgesen

    If flying allegiant be sure to arrive two hours early. They cut you off 60 minutes before your flight - but doesn't open checkin until two hours before your flight. That is one hour for a flight.....
  • Drew Goodmanson

    The TSA agents can be bored and may be slightly more vigilant than other airports. We went through w/ no line but 16 agents.
  • Jake Monahan

    City's metro 500,000+ you can find a lot of stuff to do if you have a long lay over.
  • Veronica Ward

    TSA is annoyingly particular here because they don't have very many people to deal with
  • Maury Ore

    Get there early for morning flight, 30 min wait in security line. After 7 am flights leave, no worries.
  • Joe Bub

    This place is beat I know why they call it dead monies!
  • Brandon Herrera

    New body scanners have things slowed down so the 2 hours rule is good idea to follow .
  • John H

    USAir and United are horrible. Fly Delta jets!
  • La'bridget Birditt

    Get here in plenty of time for morning flights. New body scanners have security lines backed up!!!
  • Stephanie Vidikan

    Small airport but love the plugin seats at the gates!
  • Larry Hanthorn

    Don't use hand lotion before going thru security. It will trigger alarms & you will be delayed quite a while
  • Ricardo Rodriguez

    Looking for rare coins. Check the restroom by baggage claim.
  • Carla

    I Loved Into The DSM Airport!! Be Sure To Check In Early For Your Flight!! GO CYCLONES!!
  • Tyler Kingkade

    Frontier always seems to have a huge line to check in
  • Bianca Noemi

  • Allegiant Travel

    Get some R & R with a chair massage & get airport updates at
  • Tyler Kingkade

    Avoid lay overs in Milwaukee, an airport worse than Des Moines
  • Andrew K.

    Plastic wrapped toilet seats, kind of uncomfortable
  • Larry Hanthorn

    Monday AM - way longer getting thru security today.
  • Larry Hanthorn

    Beware! Monday AM is always busy getting through security. Every airline had a flight that departs between 6am & 6:30am.
  • Dexxter Scott

    Its like tube
  • Kimberly Muir

    Go for a Jimmy Palmer at Cap Brew
  • Philip Eberhardt

    Recently updated on the inside and is actually quite good for a small airport
  • JR

    There is an arrangement between USAir and United where you have to check in at United if you have a USAir ticket. No sign at USAir station so you wait till some other attendant feels sorry for you.
  • JR

    Nice LITTLE airport but nice people working there. Hate it in the winter. ADM has this state locked down.
  • Jerry Zornes

    This airport is so small that you can get there with small margins to your boarding time with worries
  • Jerry Zornes

    No matter when your flight leaves in the morning, security doesn't open until 4:30 AM
  • Jesse Drums

    You can use any self-service check-in machine. Go to the counter with no lines and jet around the chaos.
  • Will Coakley

    Nice people
  • AD Nys

    Kid's playground area just before security, en route to baggage claim, is awesome.