Zombie Burger + Drink Lab

Address: 300 E Grand Ave
Phone: (515) 244-2929
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Category: Burger Joint
Check Ins: 21570


  • Joe Stych

    Zombies feast on more than just brains. Limp on over to this unconventional eatery, where you can sample a long list of gourmet burgers and visit the drink lab. Just watch your head.
  • Josh Dreyer

    'They're Coming To Get You, Barbara!'=burger w/grilled cheese bun. NOM.
  • Justin Cooper

    Have the Walking Ched
  • Jon McDonald

    Eat burgers, not brains.
  • A.j. Horrigan

    Worst service ever.
  • Juice Magazine

    For anyone looking for something sweet but a little stronger than espresso, Zombie Burger and Drink Lab makes a spiked pumpkin pie milkshake.
  • Geoffrey Krum

    Adult shakes. Zombie murals. Chain link ceiling decor and more classic and cult zombie references than you can. Shake a chainsaw at. Tip. Always double tap... Twinkies are sacred. Cardio is key.
  • Aaron Illingworth

    Gimmick gone wrong. Terrible service, clueless waiters and overpriced food and drinks. Stay away.
  • Your Downtown Gal

    Entrance to this place is extremely annoying and awkward. Sorry
  • Evan[Bu]

    Where to begin? Get the Zombie Bride Wedding Cake shake with the booze, of course. Then get the They're Coming To Get You Barbara Burger. Fuck this place is amazing! Best place for a burger in DSM!
  • Kathy Landin

    The gravy on the Zombie Poutine is vegetarian. Poutine for all!
  • Ellen Veire

    Zombie Bride Wedding Cake Shake!
  • Domestica http://ilovedomestica.com

    Ron Wagner's art is killing me. Wish it was in my home. Zombie should sell prints!
  • Lilly Pavlou

    You'll want to get everything, and you should. Of course after it's all over you'll feel like the undead. And so will your wallet.
  • Jon McDonald

    Split a basket of fries with friends. Best value.
  • Evan[Bu]

    Don't be a dick to the environment, use the futuristic hand dryer in the restroom.
  • Drew Van Woert ??

    Blink 182 ate here before their concert on 9/8/11
  • Alex Krumm

    Good food, not great. Ambiance lacking. 2 burgers, fries, soda was $26. Not worth it. They don't play up the zombie past the names on the menu. Go elsewhere.
  • David Mikel ????

    lol i love the name of this place and am game for anything
  • Drew Van Woert ??

    No matter what time you get here it will be crowded and you'll have to wait in some way. Come hungry, come patient. People come here and get so mad they aren't instantly seated or served.
  • Miranda Guzman

    Great food but when ordering an alcoholic drink make sure your bartender knows how to do math to realize you're older than 21 instead of refusing to serve you.
  • Allison Jagtiani

    Raygun burger and fried pickles are amazing!! Great atmosphere!!
  • Chelsea Moss

    Screw burgers. There house salad is tits! Cover it in sriracha for maximum deliciousness!
  • Drew Van Woert ??

    The Dead Moines is good
  • Mitchell V. Sebastian

    World War B for #ZBoftheWeek!
  • Oliver Housman

    Ask for the waiter named James. He's got a great beard, great attitude and funny jokes.
  • Kelsey Seay

    Quirky service, not awful service, accept that your waitstaff are people too :)
  • Josh Delanoit

    Good food, awful service. Rude and made us wait almost 15 minutes for drinks at an empty lunch hour.
  • Billy Porter

    Be patient with the wait time its worth it
  • Samuel Burt

    If you enjoy hanging out with a bunch of awkward high school kids who feel cool because they are hanging out in a bar past 9 pm then this the place for you.
  • Taelor Beeck

    Request to have me as your server :)
  • Logan Kingma

    Soda and fries not included with burger. Boo
  • Juice Magazine

    Anatomy of a drink: What's in that Zombie Bride Wedding Cake spiked shake?
  • Courtney Tompkins

    Always order some fried pickles!
  • Corey Johnson

    Try the Juan Of The Dead - Two beef patties, cheese + green chilies croquette, gouda, caramelized onions, one hell yes.
  • Vanessa Reed

    Not worth all the hype
  • Christopher Huebner

    They still have a few kinks to work out, but hey, give 'em a break. The place literally JUST opened.
  • Chaz Decker

    Go to the bar for lunch, might be quicker than getting it to go.
  • Jonathon Schroeder

    Great burgers. Great drinks. Great fun.
  • Cosmic Donuts

    Raygun burger could be the perfect burger...make a stop across the street for the perfect T shirt
  • NoWait, Inc.

    Skip the long wait times & host stand. Get in line from your phone using NoWait: http://bit.ly/1aMOQaH
  • Arwen Thorn

    Get the coconut cream pie shake! It's seriously fantastic.
  • Travel Iowa

    Not for the faint of heart. Showcased on the "United States of Bacon," Zombie Burger serves up a sandwich called the Walking Ched (as in cheddar cheese) - It's bun is made of deep fried macaroni.
  • Tullio Gomes

    Must try "the walking ched" it comes with macaroni and cheese!
  • Matthew Probst

    Chicken is also meat
  • Macy K.

    Take a step out of your comfort zone and try something that sounds "interesting." You'll come to find out that peanut butter & banana on a burger is OUTSTANDING!
  • Krickett Cockayne

    They need to bring back their fried green beans!! Make a comment card to show we miss them!!
  • Clinton Eshelman

    Wait is about 45 mins ... Then wait another 30 mins to get ur food .... Oh and there's no hostess stand so good luck finding the hostess as well cause there's no hostess stand
  • Cosmic Donuts

    Juan of the Dead. green chile croquete is amazing.
  • Jamie Marotta

    The walking ched was awesome! Will come back again next time in town. Friendly and fast service and the beer was good too. Defiantly worth the wait.
  • Jake Smith

    The milkshakes are fantastic; FYI: they're currently not running the "Tallahassee" due to a Twinkie shortage.
  • Hannah Garrison

    Order the grilled portabello in lieu of meat- the veg burger was a letdown. Also, their side salad is delicious- including edamame, grilled corn and red wine vin- perfect for lunch.
  • Collin Ward

    Food is good, but the waiters are pretty damn rude and inefficient. I recommend not leaving a tip so they might take a hint.
  • Caroline Cherry

    Like Heaven to my vegetarian mouth !!! :)
  • Katy Jones

    Order food from carry-out side & sit in that area. So much easier & less of a wait at busy times!
  • Corey Johnson

    Try the Trailer Trash Zombie - Burger with cheese, chicken fried bacon, fried pickle, fried cheese curds, ranch and defib.
  • Nicole Wilke

    I love to sit at the bar. Seated faster, served faster, and the bartenders are all really friendly!
  • Sarah

    Veggie patty or mushroom burger both delicious bases for line up of sandwich options. Juan of the Dead with veggie burger is my fave.
  • Robin Phommavong

    Try the Fried Brussel Sprouts - Yummy! Delicious, just became a favorite appetizer here.
  • Adam Podraza

    Food is awesome (best burger is DSM). Servers are what you expect from a quick-serve restaurant. Shakes are not just for kids. Don't come with mile-high expectations and you won't be disappointed.
  • Jesse T.

    Try the fried pickles. You won't be disappointed.
  • Rhiannon Helfer

    They have Bell's Best Brown Ale....yum yum
  • Isaac Slings

    When u check in with a group you won't get your food.....
  • Curt K

    The fried pickles are yummy! The Dead Moines burger is spectacular..... Also gotta try out the Mac Dog! Delicious!
  • Brandon Pruitt

    always Double Tap
  • Brandon Pruitt

    Zombie Bride Wedding Cake Shake is so rich and so delicious!
  • Kristi Perkins

    The zombie nachos are amazing!!!!
  • Brad Hillebrand

    Awesome menu. Friendly staff. Service slow during rush but give them a break, still new and its crazy busy. Cant beat the theme, atmosphere. Ill be back, over and over. PS try the Walking Ched.
  • joel meana

    Theres a party in my mouth right now and NO its NOT Rob Dickmeyer!
  • Chase E

    Raygun was very good, but make sure they don't forget the guacamole
  • Lanae Greene

    I love their shakes!
  • Michael Sadler

    Zombie Burger #1
  • Kevin Mullett

    I highly recommend the Dead Elvis burger and banana peanut butter shake. Bring a wheelbarrow so your friends can get you back to your car.
  • Sunnie Hirschfield

    This place is fantastic. Aaron is a phenomenal server. Wish they had this place in Milwaukee!
  • Bob Montgomery

    Awesome food and reasonably priced
  • Kyle Gorsh

    Ray gun...delightful!
  • Linden Mueller

    If I'm ever sentenced to Death Row, I now know what my last meal will be: buffalo bacon, Undead Elvis, and the spiked Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk shake.
  • Dana Brown-Warrick

    The I'm coming to get you Barbara and chocolate cake shake are awesome!
  • Jessica Johnson

    Delicious!!! That its all
  • Ricky Riis

    Best place to watch the showing of Walking Dead every Sunday night. Previous episode at 7pm. New episode at 8pm. Enjoy.
  • Ben Allen

    Amazing food and service!
  • Artur Janota

    Undead Elvis is the shit.
  • Taylor Hamilton

    Melissa is the best server we've ever had here. Fast, courteous, and just friendly.
  • Shane Donegan

    The dipping sauce that comes with the fry basket is like crack.
  • Carly Schooley

    Amazing service. Anyone who says different may be too picky. My server was James, and he is hilarious! Only a 15 minute wait on a Saturday at 730, very speedy. Fun place. And the food is grand!
  • Nikki G

    If you're unsure about what shake to get check out the red velvet or nutella marshmallow! Prices are so so.
  • Del Boogs

    I tried to phone in a carryout order but they dont do that. They forgot our fries. I called them about a refund and was put on hold. I called back and the girl was such an asshole I just gave up
  • Aj Perdew

    Way over-hyped. The beef is nothing special but the crazy toppings are unique and decent.
  • Andrew Connet

    try the dead moines!
  • Erik Rowley

    Try the Fulci burger, Soo greasy and tasty you will feel like the undead tearing the burger apart and watching its contents spill out all over your plate!
  • Eric Truitt

    Been here for lunch a few times. Each time we had to wait 30 min to get a table, and another 15 to be waited on. Service is poor. Menu is creative. Decor is unique. Expensive. Will not go back.
  • Stephen Rose

    The fries are awful here and extremely slow service even when they aren't busy. But the burgers are good and almost worth the wait.
  • Becky Stock

    Dead Elvis FTW!
  • Kurt Friese

    Try the They're Coming To Get You Barbara
  • Brody Chillbiss

    It's a good thing they have sriracha because their food tastes like shit!
  • Jared Harlan

    You can still get the trailer trash burger!
  • Lynda Mathre

    Awesome burgers! Great bartender!
  • Abby Wilson

    No fried buffalo bacon!!! The whole reason we came.
  • Chaz Decker

    The art is better than the burgers. At least they have Belgian beer.
  • Brandon Pruitt

    Zombie Sauce and Fried Ranch are amazing inventions!
  • Kelsey S

    Coconut cream pie shake is out of this world incredible
  • Michael Perry

    Two Hearted on tap!
  • Matthew Mccormick

    Great place but they dont seem to have anything in stock that I want
  • Sara Beving

    Apple cinnamon shake is awesome!!
  • Sarah Greene

    Get the Boomstick. It's to DIE for -get it? (Zombie restaurant joke)
  • Csn 419

    The boomstick is good but The fried pickles are GREAT. Will try this joint again next time through DSM. want to try an adult shake
  • Ann Tosel

    Got the raygun burger, shake of the week peanut butter & oreo shake, and split the poutine fries. Everything was delicious!!
  • TV Food Maps

    Check out Zombie Burger as seen on United States of Bacon
  • Katy Falcon

    The Undead Elvis is amazing with peanut butter and fried bananas. And save room for a Zombie Unicorn Shake with fruity pebbles and ice cream.
  • Awesome Sauce

    Greasy and delicious. Great fried brussels sprouts, with good dips. Variety of beer & other drinks. Good prices.
  • Andrew Gunderson

    The Raygun burger and shakes are fantastic! Awesome decor as well!
  • Xochi Adame @xochiadame

    Best non-healthy #vegetarian nom in #DSM! 8K meat-free cals? No prob. Try the Juan of the Dead burger with veggie patty, fried pickles and the Zombie Unicorn milkshake.
  • Jordan Noring

    I love the Trailer Trash Burger with the Tallahassee Milkshake!
  • Andrew Nilges

    The walking ched- instead of buns, fried mac n cheese patties. It's to die for!
  • Erik Laing

    Good beer selection and well thought out burgers. Service is very attentive and the host will text you when a table is available.
  • Marty Hardon

    Back! Beverages now. Maybe a guinness
  • Jenn Goodell

    The Brussels sprouts app is yummy!
  • Neil Roberts

    There's typically a long wait. Use the NoWait app to get in line before you head over.
  • Lanae Greene

    The cheese fries are awesome!!!
  • Ricky Sherrill

    Must try this place when in town.
  • Rebekah King

    Everything here is delicious, but that Undead Elvis is to die for! (Yay puns)
  • Andye Jones

    Customer service was HORRIBLE!!!
  • Kelsey Schriver

    Everything is so good!! One basket of fries is enough to share with a few people.
  • Bridget R

    Do not come here at 11 o'clock at night. I've been here several times and never had a bad experience until now. Our server was extremely abrasive and ruined the first experience of those in our group.
  • Liz Satter

    Awesome waitstaff!
  • Steph Kittrell

    A bit pricy and long waits...but the servious is amazing and the the food is to just as good!!! :-)
  • Katie Kennedy

    The hostess that just sat us is probably the most unfriendly person that I have come across in a while. Got an eyes roll and everything. Wow.
  • Danny Begnoche

    3 Little Pigs Nachos - Amazing and SO much food!
  • Summer Hills

    Decor fun for zombie lovers but the food was...just not good, like the food was old and the bun stale. The service was super slow. To bad though, I wanted to like it. But I'll never go back there.
  • Elyasib Beat

    Was good babe
  • Marc Stryker

    The Walking Ched is a flavor explosion.
  • Ellen Walker

    The undead Elvis is great!
  • Ruth Oliver

    You can't truly visit Des Moines without eating here. Spiked milkshakes are good, but you'll have to make room!
  • Brad Murray

    Get there early....very busy place.
  • Eric G.

    Try the beer flight. Cheaper than two beers and you get to experience a decent variety.
  • Ted Coppock

    "Burgers and loins" are ala cart. Dry, cold and without taste. Tasteless coldslaw. Better fries at Fast food burger places. Other than that and insesent noise and blinding setting sun it was great.
  • Kristin Hatting

    Worst layout ever. So gross that the kitchen door is in the small waiting area and the food gets walk around people. Then you wait for 40 mins to only get placed at the bar.TERRIBLE!
  • Kyle Mennenga

    Definitely worth the wait!! It was amazing and gotta have a shake
  • Matt Thongvanh

    Fried Brussels sprouts and monster mules!
  • Randall Stanhope

    My father does not care for me. He does not love me as much as other fathers love their sons. He is a distant man, born from a generation that was not raised to speak out. He does not know love.
  • Dan Hawbaker

    The trailer crash burger is the bomb yo!!
  • Greg Madden

    Try the poutine fries.
  • Jeffrey Strawman

    Undead Elvis FOR THE WIN!!!!!
  • Bill Goeke

    The Boomstick! Be careful on the first bite as it's not called The Boomstick for nothing! If you aren't, the guy sitting at the table next to you will be cleaning deep fried chili off his shirt.
  • Bill Goeke

    The spiked cereal shakes here are amazing! Get the Zombie Unicorn!
  • Matt Stolze

    Undead Elvis is the best.
  • Andrew Dobney

    Cool place. You can definitely split the fry between two people. The 'Walking Ched' was very...cheesy...
  • Jamie

    I was not impressed. The parking situation is a joke.
  • Heaven Slye

    Crunch Berry shake? Yes please!
  • Stephen Whelan

    Good Burgers, Great Atmosphere.
  • Paul Ellis

    Amazing burgers. "They're coming to get you Barbra."
  • Andy Geleff

    Fairly certain my server was a brainless Zombie, but the Walking Ched was fantastic. Do it. Come. Now.
  • Gabriela Bonassa

    I neeeeeeed!!!
  • Gina Green

    Fun atmosphere. Unique burgers. Greasy fries. Wear black.
  • TrishaTrixie Hunter

    Mmm food...hrrr argh rabble rabble rabble
  • Joshua Waishes

    I've had raygun w/egg and now I'm gonna try something new! Cheese fries please.
  • Vikina Kravcova

    Ridiculous to get a table in a normal time during lunch :( but have to admit, love this place!!!
  • Stephen Whelan

    Cool place. Great burgers
  • Miranda Rowenhorst

    Oh my word. The zombie unicorn shake is incredible... It has fruity pebbles in it!!
  • Roderick

    The burgers are mediocre, but everything else was great.
  • Robert Murphy

    Worth the long wait to be seated. Fast service, helpful with everything, staff were courteous with kids, and the food was amazing.
  • Cairo Sims

    The chocolate cake shake is delicious!(:
  • Russ G

    Nachos were awesome. Just as good as Tasty Tacos' flour nachos but more and cheesier.
  • Michelle Robson

    Get a spiked shake. A little pricey, but very delicious! Also, plan on waiting a long time if you want to sit down with a big group...so very busy all the time!
  • Brad Korn

    Dude... They text you on your phone when your table is ready
  • Mike Breazeale

    Save room for a shake! They're too good not to try!!!
  • Heather Kline

    Get 'They're Coming To Get You, Barbara' and wear your stretchy pants.
  • Jason Swartz

    The Raygun burger is great.
  • BillysBurgerBlog.com

    Walking Ched burger
  • Amanda Lanari

    My fave place in des Moines to eat
  • Scott Coellner

    Crazy fun music
  • Christopher Stolba

    If you get anything more than a single burger and want fries, have someone to split them with! So much (delicious) food!
  • Ryanne B

    This place was amazing. Tons of different beers, several different vegan options. #delish
  • Kelsey Jones

    Great Bloody Mary and jalapeŮo poppers!
  • Matt Wahl

    #17 trailer trash
  • Kyrie Smith

    Alcoholic shakes are ingenious!
  • Joanna Poe

    #15 and Fried Brussels Sprouts are awesome!
  • Laura Sigal

    All sandwiches can be made vegetarian!
  • Priscilla B

    Wow, walk off the calories trying to find the bathrooms!
  • Avolyn Fisher

    I recommend the T-Virus!!
  • Jared Locke

    Rumchata and Cinnamon Toast Crunch is just as delicious of a combo in real life as it was in my dreams
  • Samantha Helmick

    The Walking Ched and Chocolate Cake Shake = fantastic!
  • Jodi Frye

    Lose the greeter. He is an a**h***!!
  • Devin Preston

    I recommend Sarah's Revenge or T-Virus.
  • Brian Schacherer

    Dyson Airblade in the bathroom is worth the trip. Hand drying technology of the FUTURE!!!!!
  • Jerry Bryant

    Over priced...
  • Joey Shoe

    Burgers are tasty but fries suck...
  • Gregory Hauenstein

    The George Romero Pittsburgher is a great tribute to the Primanti Bros sandwich. My favorite by far.
  • Mark Turner

    Planet Terror....Hell yes
  • Joel Willers

    They'll text you, so go for a walk!
  • Caitlin Payne

    Best themed restaurant I've ever been to
  • Adam Willis

    Good burgers and cute bar tender. I would not mind surviving the apocalypse with her.
  • Kendra Torres

    Not a fan of the Walking Chedd, too messy!
  • Kendra Torres

    Make sure to check out the decorations here. Their pretty cool.
  • Beverly

    Walk right in and got seated. Sat at the bar. Bartender he is great. Very nice guy since this was our first time here.
  • Steven Christiansen

    Raygun is the best!!!
  • Erika Serraes

    They have a burger where you can substitute the bun for two grilled cheeses. Seriously, IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER!?
  • James Kramer

    Raygun and ranch Buffalo Bacon cubes!
  • Hannah Garrison

    Order the grilled portabello in lieu of meat- the veg burger was a letdown. Also, their house salad is delicious- including edamame, grilled corn and red wine vin- perfect for lunch.
  • Carichmo

    Fries are not included with the burger. If you've got an appetite, might be worth the $3-$4 bucks!