Mickey's Irish Pub

Address: 206 3rd St
Phone: (515) 288-8323
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Category: Pub
Check Ins: 19490


  • Juice Magazine

    The downtown Mickey’s has a fabulous patio, live music and frequent specials. Mickey's, with two other locations by the same name, was 6th in our reader-determined Top 50 Bars.
  • Zachary Bales-Henry

    I'm impressed that they created another successful Mickey's. However watch out because you have to spend at least $10 before you can close out ur tab. #lame
  • K Kirby

    Pay with cash much faster!!$$$$$$$!
  • Jay (Jason) Ratzlaff

    Irish Car Bombs Are Tasty!
  • Jena Bowen

    Fun fact if you sing karaoke please don't sing the same song twice in a row it fucking stupid.
  • Mik

    Get drunk!
  • Derek Blessen

    Check out the Gong Show Karaoke every Wednesday! Humiliation at it's most entertaining!
  • Chaz Decker

    Get crunk.
  • Judy Crane

    Come visit Chelsea on the patio! She's the best!
  • Jessica Selmer

    Grab a seat at the bar. Heat lamps are the best! PLUS Trevor or Brett love giving handys under the bar! Just gotta go late enough...
  • Bryan W

    Don't card 30 year olds drinking diet coke. Twat
  • Damon Carlson

    Jenabee can blur my lines any day ! What rhymes with hug me ?
  • Bryan W

    I never learn
  • Chelsea Moss

    Chelsea beer tubs friday nights. She's got some pretty sweet dance moves! Buy beers from her!!
  • M.C. Lyrical

    When D.D.E.P. plays you have to be here. Best party in town. If you like Lonely Island, Tenacious D, or Flight of the Conchords you'll shit yourself when D.D.E.P. plays. Next show 9/16/11.
  • Jay (Jason) Ratzlaff

    Bring your ticket in from an event at Wells Fargo Arena for a free drink!
  • Bryan Bosch

    This place robs your change. Check your flow!!!
  • Tiffanie Lynn

    Trevor the bartender is kick ass! He knows what hes doing.
  • Alesha Mae

    Awesome Karaoke on Wednesday Nights!
  • Nicole Krier

    PSA: Jukebox doesn't work
  • Tina Heuer

    To expensive on St pat day!!
  • Kevin Rutan

    terrible beer selection. cash only on the patio.
  • Cecily Miniaci

    Great place to catch the NBA finals and enjoy a beer and peanuts on a summer evening.
  • Nick H

    10$ min on credit/debit transactions.
  • Meghan Dolan

    Chelsea is my favorite!! Make sure you meet her before you leave!
  • Ashley Mayo

    Happy hour goes til 8 and very friendly bartenders. Plus, lots of outdoor heaters if you want to go outside!
  • Adan Gonzalez

    Check with.Trevor he's got the deal ie OX he knows what's up waitresses don't know shiznet! ....p.s. ask for Maura!
  • Erik Carter

    Awesome scene with lots of nice lookin girls
  • Kyle Biggs

    Don't count their pattio out yet. They've got quite a few heaters set up out here.
  • Chuck Blair

    WTF don't you have any respect for a woman's bathroom?! This bar officially .....off the list !
  • Walter 3

    The best place to grab an early morning cocktail during the downtown farmers mkt
  • Heather Ryan

    I love the karaoke!
  • B Tonnies

    Coolest bar in Des Moines, old school feel, don't expect too much and you will have an excellent experience. No food except peanuts.
  • Robbie Helzer

    Be sure to carry cash on weekends as the bar stops taking cards around 7:30.
  • Jon Wright

    I go to drink and check out Brett
  • Chuck Rice

    Bad ass karaoke.., the best in Des Moines with chuxx and fluffy every Wednesday !
  • Denise Kinnaman

    This place is dusty the bartender is a smart ass would not come back
  • Chantel Rappold

    See Bruce.
  • Adam Lovelace

    Great patio, GD awful Men's Bathroom. Especially while pissing in the toilet while 300lb thing is at the urinal....wearing a dress.
  • Libby Cooksley

    Green beer!
  • Tiffanie Lynn

    No credit cards on weekend night. Good service, great drinks, and trevor will hook you up!
  • Hilary Henak

    Check out the 10th Annual Court District Halloween Party on Oct. 26th 2012 from 8pm-Midnight.
  • Kelly Santoro

    Fantastic bloody Mary's while you sit on the patio and people watch at the Farmer's Market
  • Will Pohlman

    Superb patio
  • Annie Dee

    Love the outdoor Bar with Heaters!!!!
  • Amanda J

    It's beautiful out on the patio!
  • Caleb Pike

    The guy with chaps always come out on top at this place.
  • Andrea B

    It's now $20 minimum for credit cards..
  • Laura Pauline

    Don't pay cover to wait a half hour for a drink...