Iowa State Fairgrounds

Address: 3000 E Grand Ave
Phone: (515) 262-3111
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  • Hilary Henak

    Check out the Iowa Craft Beer Tent at the Iowa State Fair where you can try all kinds of beer crafted in Iowa.
  • Mitt Romney

    Try the corn dogs
  • Dave Saniti

    Favorite foods: cheese curds, deep-fried dill pickles, Greek gyro, corn dog, pork chop on a stick and BEER.
  • Emily Hennager

    Get the lemonade sweetened with honey from the Iowa Honey Producers in the Ag Building.
  • Alison Swanson

    Get a pork chop on-a-stick at one of two Iowa Chop Shop locations: E. 34th Street & Grand Ave and Rock I. & E. Walnut Street.
  • J.R. gardner

    You have to try the turkey legs at Hardenbrooks only ones that cook them on grills in front of you by far best ones on the fairgrounds just follow the smoke
  • Hilary Henak

    Check out the Iowa Craft Beer Tent !
  • Sherri Welch

    Dont forget to visit the butter cow!
  • Shmee

    The Applesush caramel apples are the greatest caramel apples ever!
  • John Sullivan

    Was a Bucket List Item for me . Glad I went , Will go back . What You would expect of a Big Time State Fair

  • Drew Van Woert ??

    Try the fried butter on a stick...if you dare!
  • Carl Bisenius

    Get the deep fried Oreos!
  • Cory Cockayne

    Go during the state fair. Otherwise it's pretty boring.
  • Hilary Henak

    Iowa Craft Beer Tent the place to be at the Iowa state fair !
  • Brian

    OH & by the way - THIS IS MY FAIRGROUNDS!!!
  • Juice Magazine

    Check out our entertainment guide for food, fair trivia and music picks for the 2012 Iowa State Fair!
  • Fred Hoiboar

    Look for my tips all around the fairgrounds, and keep an eye out for me at this year's Biggest Boar competition! #FollowFred
  • Darren Martin

    Make sure to eat something fried?
  • Chuck Hammond

    Get a big plastic drink mug, and then $1.00 refills at diamond jacks.
  • Jake Bouma

    Try the deep fried butter on a stick! It tastes like a molten cinnamon roll!

    Try the pineapple whip!! Also, $2 fair squares are great, and big enough to share. Porkchop on a stick is mandatory :)
  • NYIP

    Use a polarizing filter or shoot at an angel when taking pictures of the butter cow to avoid reflections on the glass.
  • Graeme Thickins

    don't come in the winter time - there's no fair (kidding, there's other stuff)
  • Chris Voshell

    Remember your keys & tickets before leaving your vechicle!
  • Kaylea C

    Don't leave without getting an Aunt Mary's Grinder across from the pavilion. Yumm!!!!
  • Thomas Wickersham

    You have to try the maple syrup bacon funnel cake.
  • Ted Coppock

    Take a deep breath,take it easy and enjoy an 80 degree day
  • Catherine E.

    Don't bother paying the money for feed at the petting zoo. The animals have feed in the cages next to them that you can use for free.
  • Ryan Pranschke

    Stop by the IA Turkey Federation Turkey Grill for your turkey leg!
  • Jenna McKee

    Barksdales chocolate chip cookies, the ones in the buckets; are expensive but the best cookies ever. Also try nitro ice cream under the grandstand!
  • J. Finn

    Come check out the #loyality lounge and have a deep fried Twinke.
  • Brad Strege

    Go see the hot dog girls! They r hot!!!!!
  • Jerry Ghazali

    One of the most beautiful capitols in the nation. Free tours include a 275 ft trip up in the dome and a breathtaking Law Library. Make sure to talk a walk around the gardens and monuments on the hill.
  • Melissa Visek

    Beattie's Melon Patch has the best tenderloin sandwiches and fresh watermelon. Right next to the giant yellow slide.
  • Joanie Jordan

    It is not as hot as usual, but take your sunblock. I didn't keep my self covered well enough Sat and am burned.
  • Drew Riebhoff

    Cindy's place, next to the show arena, offers full service breakfast! #yum
  • Jake Kerber

    Get a burger at the Cattlemen's Beef Quarters - on special for $3:50 2-4pm daily
  • Glenn???? ??R??WN™ ????

    Cambell corn dogs are the best here by the bud beer tent!
  • Steve Railsback

    $1 Griddlesticks at IA Turkey stand.
  • Matt Crannell

    Check out the jerky shoppe on the second floor of the Ag bldg
  • Amanda Crawford

    Don't expect anything less than 20 min to get parked ... actually that would be record timing. Expect more lol
  • Erienne Wredt

    Party like you're podunk rockstar
  • Awesome Sauce

    Terrible venue for concerts. Baconfest also sucked here.
  • Yan Yao Chan

    Deep fried food!
  • Kaitlyn Sigler

    A large variety of activities for those of all ages. Shows and events are fun to watch.
  • John Kalish

    Jalapeño poppers, turkey in a stick, butter cow
  • Kaitlyn Sigler

    Crazy and fun. Lots of things to do and check out. Great events
  • Mike Cassady

    Watching @JakeOwen rock the grandstand!
  • Robbie Helzer

    BEST. People watching. EVER.
  • Kevin Drake

    Try the gyros!
  • Stephanie Simms

    Double bacon corn dogs.
  • Tracie Freund

    Mmmm bacon wrapped corndog
  • Curtis G

    Close your eyes, plug your nose, and run as fast as you can to the Iowa craft beer tent.
  • Tony Simons

    Deep fried (insert any food) on a stick. In my case, a Twinkie. And boobies EVERYWHERE. It's definitely the highlight of summer in Iowa!
  • Thomas Owens

    About to ride the sky glider!!
  • Kayla Campbell

    Full day :)
  • Cyndie Lamb

    Crescent is is the best. Good food. Try one with cream cheese. Soda refills $1.50. Just south of the Triangle.
  • Cyndie Lamb

    Crescent is is the best. Good food. $1.50 soda refill. Just south of the triangle.
  • Jerry Walton

    Veggie corn dog, yes please.
  • Duane Rehmeyer

    Awesome pork chops on a stick!
  • Katie Stocking

    Use the hashtag #fairfoodmashup on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with your fair food pics and be entered to win giftcards to @kumandgo and @raygun!
  • Kelly Howard

    Family fun day!
  • Angeline ?????? Oentari

    Sweet lemonade with honey
  • Angeline ?????? Oentari

    Strawberry shake ??
  • Angeline ?????? Oentari

    Pork chop on a stick
  • Angeline ?????? Oentari

    Tasty cheese curds
  • Angeline ?????? Oentari

    Hot beef sunday ??
  • Angeline ?????? Oentari

    Fried butter on s stick
  • Angeline ?????? Oentari

    Visit butter cow
  • Nicole R.

    Come see us at the cell Advantage tent by the petting zoo! Great deals!
  • Grant Todahl

    Go to Toad's Tavern and have a drink and they will let you park for free!!!
  • C-SPAN

    The first Iowa State Fair was held 160 years ago. Check out this C-SPAN video for more info on the Fair's history.
  • Zach Everson

    Try the Salad on a Stick
  • Claudia Gathercole

    Resting up for next years fair.
  • Chris Guhl

    Try the steak sandwich at Steak and Shake Ups!! Best food at the Fair!!!
  • Yan Yao Chan

    Try the double bacon corn dogs.
  • Claudia Gathercole

    Loved the free boiled egg on a stick in the Age building. Also got some free cool sunglasses for Joy and Jordan.
  • Lily

    Fried butter sounds fun until your stuck with a huge plate of it. You adventurous people will get it just to say you got it and I'm telling you now: NOT WORTH IT.
  • Ted Coppock

    Ride bus from Capital $1 for seniors
  • Claudia Gathercole

    Just got done with my state Fair job orientation. I'm a gate ticket taker and get to use a nifty scanner that looks like a cell phone on steroids.
  • Kate Hughes

    I don't know if you know this but if you are here, you are at the greatest place on earth (after DisneyWorld.)
  • Jason T. Hauser

    Try the Jumbo Corn Dog
  • Bennett Mann

    Pepsi Footlong stand by farm equipment is a must try
  • Chris

    A must have... Cajun chicken on a stick!
  • Corey Johnson

    Try the Double Bacon Corndog - Not as bacoy as it sounds.
  • Amelia Oliver

    I hardly ever miss this fair (even after I moved to Texas). Must Do's: Skyglider, smoothies, butter cow, chainsaw guy, Belgian horses, bill Reilly stage!
  • Ashley Moore

    There's a gluten free guide on the Iowa State Fair website for those who need it!
  • Sabrina Cows

    Cotton candy on a stick. Try it. $2.oo
  • Brad Strege

    Even better! It's the pickle dog stand! :) tip em good!
  • Kathy Dunton

    Don't pick up the quarters..they're glued to the ground :0)
  • Michael Spiewak

    Try the Moose drool
  • Grant Todahl

    Stop by Toads Tavern for foursquare specials and cubs specials.
  • Buck Rogers

    Really how does Walmart sell so many white tank tops
  • Romelle Slaughter

    Go to the Fountain Service soda shop east of the Bud Tent and Iowa Chop stand. Order a shake or a cherry soda.
  • John Sorensen

    Never wait in line to see the butter cow. You can easily walk by and still see.
  • Debbie Becvar

    Go after 5 for the half price admission
  • Jake Rosario

    I want a fried twinkie
  • Domestica

    Lemonade in fr Grandstand pretty darn good! Water fountain NE side of Varied Ind. bldg. Strawberry Shake at Bauders - so good!
  • Joe Hobot

    Must, must try the Deep fried Twinkie and Oreo's
  • Lisa B.J.

    Quesadilla Junction is tasty as heck! Get yours with the salsa and sour cream.
  • Nikki Mallison

    Depending on the time you get to the fair you might be able to park right away up close. Got to the fair around 330 today and parking was a breeze!
  • Kyle V.

    Find yourself a wonder bar
  • Jim Sayers

    Stop by the Touchstone Energy Cooperatives of Iowa booth at the 4-H Building.
  • Kyle Dykstra

    Stop by the NAPA booth inside the Varried Industries Building for your auto needs during Goodguys!
  • D LaGrange

    Play all the games and ride all rides just don't forget to see the butter cows and eat some stick food
  • Kate Johnson

    The indoor show arena is really small (& spooky!) with sketchy warm up... Go to the upper covered ring if you need a serious warm up before an under saddle class!
  • Katie Peeper

    Foods to try: Hot Beef Sunday, Cheese Curds, Peppermint Patty from Bauder's and a Pickle Dawg!